ICON Caries Infiltrant

ICON Caries Infiltrant is a revolutionary treatment that arrests early caries and white spot lesions in one visit without drilling. DMG America introduces Icon – a Caries Infiltrant. Up until now, dentists had only two options in treatments – fluoride and remineralization therapies. This was possible only when the caries was advanced. Hence in situations where the caries was in the beginning stages, it was advised to wait until the time for drilling has reached. With this breakthrough in micro invasive dentistry, it has made it possible for dentists to reinforce, fill and stabilize the demineralized enamel without drilling the health tooth structure.

ICON Caries Infiltrant

ICON Caries Infiltrant

For white-spot lesion, Icon offers aesthetic alternatives. For proximal lesion with non-cavitated enamel Icon-Proximal can be prescribed. It can also be used for radiographic lesions with a depth that does not exceed the outer third of dentin.

The Icon Infiltration method is simple and user friendly. Total time required for the entire treatment is just 15 minutes. The procedure involves – isolating the tooth using rubber dam and placing wedges to separate teeth. 15% HCL gel is used to open the lesion body. The surface is then rinsed, dried with ethanol and then air. Thereafter the Icon Infiltrant resin that has a high penetration is applied to the lesion area.  For additional light curing, the manufacturer prescribes a second layered application.

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