Lasers for Tooth Cavity Detection

In the early days, an instrument also well known as the explorer was used to detect cavities. This instrument was used to poke around the tooth. Whenever, the instrument got stuck in the tooth, the doctors realised the presence of a cavity.

Lasers for Tooth Cavity Detection

Lasers for Tooth Cavity Detection

Today, people are using a diode laser, to detect tooth decays. This is a high tech solution for detecting and removing cavities.

The laser helps the dentist to determine if there is decay in the tooth. The dentist can then choose to observe the tooth or advise that the cavity be removed and the tooth filled.

When a healthy tooth is exposed to the diode laser, it doesn’t glow or shine, as the reading on the digital display is low. On the other hand when a decayed tooth is exposed, a glow proportional to the amount of decay is displayed.

The diode laser doesn’t always work with teeth that already have fillings. It works well with other teeth,  and enables detection of cavities. Note also that the diode laser does not replace X-rays; it detects decay in grooves on the chewing surface, while bitewing X-rays can find decay between and inside teeth.

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