Air Abrasion

A drill-less technique used by dentists to remove tooth decay and to perform other procedures is called air abrasion.

Air Abrasion in Dentistry

Air Abrasion in Dentistry10

An instrument like a mini sandblaster is used to spray away decay. During the process of air abrasion, a gentle stream of particles is aimed at the decayed portion of the tooth. These particles are silica, aluminium oxide and baking soda. They are propelled towards the tooth surface using compressed air. As soon as these particles strike the surface of the decayed tooth, the decayed particles give way and are sucked using a thin tube.

Air abrasion is extremely safe. When using an abrasion, the dentist however needs to make sure that he wears a mask to protect his eyes from the spray. A rubber sheet that fits the surrounding of the teeth is placed to ensure protection of other teeth.

Using air abrasion provides the following advantages:

  • generates no heat, pressure, or vibration
  • leaves more of the healthy tooth tissue behind
  • reduces the risk of fracturing and chipping of the tooth
  • reduces the need for anesthesia
  • increases the life span of the filling
  • simple and easy procedure

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