Tooth Fillings

Tooth Fillings

Tooth Fillings

A filling is provided when you visit the dentist for a tooth decay. This is indirect mostly when the decay or old filling is removed. The procedure involves taking an impression of the tooth being repaired. This impression is then sent to the lab which will make the filling indirect. This temporary filling is placed to protect the teeth undergoing treatment. When the permanent filling is developed, this temporary filling is removed, tooth cleaned and the permanent one is cemented in place. We have two kinds of fillings – indirect and direct.

There are basically two types of indirect fillings:

Inlays are like fillings within the cusps or bumps on the chewing surface of the tooth.Inlays last up to 30 years and are made of various materials like resin, porcelain or gold. They are better than traditional fillings but do have a tendency to weaken tooth structure.

Outlays also called partial crowns are more extensive. They cover more than one cusps. Outlays are also durable and last long

Note that there are also direct inlays and outlays that follow similar processes and procedures as the indirect. The difference is that the direct inlays and onlays are made in the dental office and can be fixed in one visit.

The type of inlay or onlay used depends on how sound is your tooth structure remains and also based on any cosmetic concerns.

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