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Smile Designing

The lower line of the upper lip should run in tandem with the cervical area of the upper anterior teeth and the upper line of the lower lip should be the same for the lower teeth which is always called an ideal smile. Smile designing is the treatment involved in attaining ideal smile. This is a combination of laminates / crowns and gum treatment.

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is what the doctor feels is right for the patient. Aesthetic dentistry is what the patient feels is right for him. This is attainted by taking the shape of the face, size & shape of the tooth and the smile line into consideration.

Root Canal Treatment

This is a way of conserving (saving) your natural teeth which is badly decayed. This badly decayed tooth need not be extracted (removed) instead a root canal treatment can be done.

Ceramic /Porcelain Crowns (metal or metal free)

This is done as metal or metal free crowns. A tooth can be crowned for cosmetic purpose as well as for covering a broken tooth, thus making it functional. A root canal done tooth should be crowned after the treatment.

Ceramic/ Porcelain Crown & Bridge (metal or metal free)

Crown and bridge is a way of replacing your missing tooth in a fixed and permanent manner.

Composite Filling / Restorations

Composite fillings are tooth coloured resin based cosmetic fillings which are metal free and thus health friendly.

Gum Treatment with Laser

Gum treatment includes scaling and polishing, gingival curettage, periodontal flap surgery and other surgeries related to gum. We do gun treatments with laser

Dental Implants

Is a way of replacing missing tooth by using titanium implant which takes the place of the root of a natural teeth and a ceramic crown fixed on to the implant for the purpose of chewing. This is a permanent fixture.

Dentures (Fixed and removable)

There are two types, fixed and removable. Fixed dentures (over dentures) are fixed using mini dental implants and removable dentures which are commonly used can be removed by the patient at their convenience.

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedic Treatment

Is correction of malaligned and protruded tooth for cosmetic purpose. It can also be done using teeth coloured ceramic brackets which are nearly invisible. This can also be done using the invisalign technique for which the patient do not have to wear brackets and wire at all.

Orthognathic Surgery

This surgery is done to correct maxillary and mandibular deformities of prognathism, retrognathism, cleft palate, cleft lip and many others.

Teeth Jewellery (Crystals, Precious stones, Diamonds)

Cosmetic treatment done to enhance the beauty of your smile by fixing crystals, precious stones and diamonds. This does not cause any damage to your teeth and can be removed whenever needed.

Oral Prophylaxis

Includes scaling (cleaning), polishing and oral hygiene instructions and methods to prevent tooth decay and methods to maintain your oral, hard and soft tissues.

Teeth Whitening

Method by which the teeth can be whitened for cosmetic purpose. It does not have any side effects. It can be done on dental chair itself or at home.


Surgical removal of teeth which is embedded in bone especially third molars (wisdom tooth).

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This is a way of doing complete treatment in the oral cavity which includes fillings, root canal treatment, gum surgeries, ceramic crown and bridges. This is a holistic treatment keeping aesthetics and function in mind.


Digital X-ray
Painfree injections
Laser Treatment